About the Artist

“Jewels of the Sea”  “My new series of paintings, “Jewels of the Sea” came about from a trip I made to Maui . I always loved painting wildlife, but it was on this trip that I received the inspiration to paint marine animals. I noticed in Maui how jewel-like the water was and how much the light affected it. I thought to myself, that is the quality I would love to capture in my paintings of these beautiful marine animals in their natural environment. When I returned home to my studio I began what turned out to be a year of experimenting with all kinds of mediums. I knew I wanted a jewel like quality to my paintings and tried everything I could think of to achieve this. After much trial and error I came up with a technique that is truly unique, consisting of layer upon layer of crystal clear enamels combined with metallic pigments, mother of pearl and finely ground metals whose alchemy conducted light much the same way as a fine jewel. I believe I achieved what I set out to do, to portray beautiful aquatic wildlife in a stunning and stirring new way that will truly inspire people.”

About the Printing Process  
The term Giclee originated in 1991 with Jack Duganne who coined the term to refer to fine art prints created with digital output. It was intended to be a word which would be added to the lexicon of printmaking terms in the vocabulary of fine art printmaking. Its derivation comes from the word “gicleur,” the French verb “to spray” (as from a nozzle) and thus the direct object of the “spraying nozzle” would be Giclee as most digital printers today use nozzles to direct ink onto a substrate. The main intention of the word Giclee was to distinguish “Fine Art Prints” from those created for non-art or commercial purposes.  Giclee prints reproduced on Fine Art acid free paper and canvas, using archival inks are in many cases superior to offset lithographs. It is a totally new level of printmaking in terms of color gamut, brilliance, vibrancy and richness.  Duane Geisness is totally involved with the Giclee print making process. He makes all decisions on color correcting which involves brightness and contrast, color balance, hue and saturation. Capturing the mood and feel of the original is of utmost importance, only when Duane is totally convinced that all the nuances and details of the original come through will the Giclee print be added to his fine art print collection. Bringing nature into your home or office can create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. High quality Giclee fine art prints will last for generations and can even be passed down as family heirlooms.

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